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Motorcycle Paintless Dent Removal (MPDR) Now Available in Brooklyn
With over 20 years experience, Dent Terminator is proud to announce it's new service offering (PDR) Paintless dent removal for Motorcycle owners.

Offering our Satisfaction Guarantee on all our services with a lifetime warranty now available on motorcycles for as long as you own your bike.

Restore your motorcycle tanks and fenders back to original factory look and finish. If for any reason we can't fix your dent there is no charge for our service.

We can handle anything from antique or vintage motorcycles to the sleek modern tanks without repainting. Preserving your original paint job or rare custom painting jobs.

We have the latest tools and techniques to repair your motorcycle using state of the art tools and technology to safely repair your ride, and securely remove your dents without repainting to retain the value of your motorcycle. Maintaining original factory finish or custom paint jobs

We Specialize in Motorcycle Tanks and Fenders
Ship Or Drop Off your Motorcycle Tank Or Fender and Save Time!
8736 18th Avenue | Brooklyn NY 11214

Small & Large Dents
Small and large dents can be fixed in all areas of the vehicle as long as the paint has NOT been cracked. Aluminum cars and motorcycle gas tanks and fenders can be repaired as well!

Paintless Dent Removal is approximately 3 to 4 times cheaper then the prices at Auto Body Repair centers! We offer a special rate for limos and town cars. Limited offer of $20 dollars OFF for first time customers!

Quick & Timely
A typical dent can be repaired within a few hours. An auto body repair shop can ask you to leave your car for 3-5 days!

Keep It Original
Paintless Dent Removal allows you to keep the original factory finish in your car, thereby maintaining the high value of you car.

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